Yoga Trainer

Yoga Trainer

Complete the test to have a tailored yoga exercise plan


  • Tailored exercise list


  • No animation or GIF images of asanas


The good aspect of having a piece of software instead of a human being teaching you Yoga, would be that you can watch and re-watch movements again and again.What’s more, you can read clear explanations, and get a tailored exercise plan based on your physical characteristics, which is important to define the most useful exercises for you.

This is what Yoga trainer does, or what it’s meant to do anyway. When you run the software for the first time in fact, you have to answer a questionnaire about your habits at work and in your private life. Whether you feel stressed, tired, angry, sleepy, if you dream while sleeping, if you have frequent headaches or if you often wake up during the night, these are all important factors to determine the most suitable yoga exercises you should practice.

Unfortunately in the demo version is not possible to really see whether this application will be useful or not. Surely after the test, you have a list of exercise to do. From what I could see, when clicking on the exercises of relaxation, breathing and asanas, what you get is a voice guiding you and just one image. It would have been much more useful to have an animation explaining you how to move correctly. Just having an audio file, which is pretty unclear at times, is a bit of a limitation.

If you want to know more about Yoga, especially the theory behind exercises, have a look at Yoga trainer. It’s good to have a tailored exercise plan based on your behaviour and habits. Unfortunately, because of the application’s poor usability, I’m not sure you’ll get a lot more than this.


  • Software for Stress Relief
  • Software for Back Problems
  • Includes Easy and Effective Yogic Techniques
  • Practice Sessions For Relief & Prevention
  • Personalized Yoga Program For Individuals
  • Online Support At
  • Courses in Relaxation, Meditation, Pranayama, Yogasana, etc.
  • Latest Multimedia Audio and Video Technology
  • Yoga Trainer Software (Focus On Applied Yoga)
  • Standard Courses for Relief and Prevention from Stress and other problems
  • Personalized Program for individuals (therauptic and performance enhancement)
  • Relaxation, Meditation, YogaNidra, Pranayama, Yogasana & many more

Benefits for Corporates:

  • Improvement in qualities like adaptability, team spirit, fighting spirit, satisfaction, leadership, etc.
  • Improvements in analytical and mathematical skills, memory, concentration, understanding and neuromuscular coordination
  • Improving the behavior at workplace, improving attitude
  • Reduces the attrition rate
  • Enhances learning ability
  • Productivity - Increased efficiency, reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced costs - reduced medical expenses, hospitalization expenses

Yoga Trainer


Yoga Trainer

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